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WARNING: The following method will not allow you to use the “Home” button and Facebook connections option so if you MUST HAVE those two things, then please do not do this.

For anyone who uses Skype and is tired of their new advertisements popping up (due to the latest update) at the top of their chat pages, add


(without the quotation marks and [tab][tab] is just hitting the tab key twice, you may only have to tab once but just make sure it lines up to keep it all neat and organized)

to your hosts file which is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and can be opened with Notepad. SEE PICTURE if you want to double check to make sure you are in the right file (the red rectangle shows what has been added). Once you make the change, save the hosts file. Log out of Skype if you are signed in and make sure to quit the program entirely and then restart it. Once you log in, you shouldn’t have to worry about that new advert anymore!

Alternatively you can use         ”[tab][tab]” 
if you wish to save latency.

Hope this helps!! :)

P.S. It seems to be working for me so far seeing as I haven’t had the advert pop up!

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